Afrika,Avrupa ve Ortadoğu Bölgesi, Gelişim & Akreditasyon Müdürü


Dina Khalaf is the IB Development & Recognition Manager overseeing a number of countries in the Gulf Region and Europe. With a Master’s in Educational Leadership from Lehigh University, and over 20 years of experience working with the IB in different capacities, she has extensive experience in supporting and developing schools. Her experiences as an educator include that of a teacher, IBDP Coordinator, school principal and a strong background in IB teacher training, consultancy and evaluation of schools.

Konu Özeti

This session looks at the IB ethos, Standards & Practices and the Learner Profile in relation to the promotion of academic honesty, and will explore strategies that may be used to develop an effective academic honesty policy for any school. The session will also identify the different types of breeches of academic honesty, and will look at practices the IB uses to identify these. Participants will be given the opportunity to identify the most common breeches of academic honesty in a Turkish context and to develop strategies to address these.